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Before the Gig

Welcome to the home of the Legon Palmwine Band. A young and exciting exponent of the age-old Ghanaian tradition, Nsadwase nnwom (palmwine music) – an unplugged acoustic variant and early exponent of Ghanaian highlife music...

Meet the band

Coming together to form a professional band back in 2014, the collaborative efforts of The Legon Palmwine Band were born out of a strong desire to make a living doing what they loved the most: playing music.

About Us



The band is a young and exciting exponent of the age-old Ghanaian tradition Nsadwase nnwom (palm wine music) – an unplugged acoustic variant and early exponent of Ghanaian highlife music. The band consists of a dynamic and versatile group of young men. Their love for music and their cultural heritage has led them to carry on the works of pioneers of palmwine music, such as the legendary Agya Koo Nimo. The band started as an experiment at the University of Ghana when its members were students and part of the Department of Music, School of Performing Arts. The band brings a contemporary interpretation to a music tradition characterized by intricate rhythmic fingerpicking fused with indigenous Akan "anansesem" storytelling style and laced with local Akan vocal harmonies. Their appearance on the local music scene in Ghana has contributed to revitalizing a music tradition that was on the brink of fading. The band is well established on the live scene of Accra. It has featured on CNN's Inside Africa and participated in the 10th African Cultural Calabash Festival in Durban. They just released their latest single, "etoɔ," which has captured many local and international audiences. The band members are Samuel Agyeman Boahen on guitar and vocals; Edwin Akwei Brown on kpanlogo drums (percussion); Seth Kpodo on vocals and frikyiwa (castanet); Albert Owusu Brown on vocals, shakers, and premprensiwa; and Eric Sunu Doe on guitar, premprensiwa, and vocals.


Since our formation, the band has led many workshops demonstrating this homegrown Ghanaian music tradition's unique essence and performance practices. Legon Palmwine Band has performed on many of the cherished Ghanaian music stages, including the National Theatre, the Conference Centre, and the State Banquet Hall, to mention a few. The band has also performed on traditional media platforms such as the 'Campus Exclusive show' on Radio Universe, 'Sane Gbaa' on Eezy FM, GTV Sports Plus shows, Citi TV, Angle FM, Joy FM,  and CNN's Inside Africa. In 2016, the band participated in the 11th Annual African Cultural Calabash Festival at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban-South Africa. On many platforms, the band has also had the privilege of performing with Nana Asaase, one of Ghana's enterprising and prolific poets/storytellers. The band has also had the privilege of performing on the birthday of former president Kuffour in 2017. The 2022 edition of the Ghana Music Awards also featured us. Until recently, we used to host an afternoon lunch-hour jam on the Legon campus dubbed Kwankwa-nduase. Currently, the band hosts the 'Nsadwase Nkɔmɔ Performance Circle, a monthly performance gathering of nsadwase nwom on the Legon campus. In October 2017, we hosted our first ever festival-like show dubbed 'Nsadwase Music Festival.' In 2020 we released our debut studio album.



Nsadwase nkommo 2022 copy 2.jpg

‘Nsadwase Nkɔmɔ Performance Circle’,

 Monthly performance gathering of nsadwase nwom on the University of Ghana campus.

Nsadwase music fest lineup copy.jpg

Nsadwase Music Festival

Our annual Palmwine music festival


Besides our music performances are our seminars, where we engage in discussion about Palmwine music and other Ghanaian music with our patrons

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+27 64 867 9059 (WhatsApp)

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